Lash Rehab

Sadly there are many situations where a client may need a professional removal of eyelash extensions, and urgently in some cases! Please do not attempt this yourself! The eyelash extensions used can be much too heavy, leading to discomfort, pain, eyelids sticking together, irritation, inflammation and even infection along the lash line. If natural lashes have been damaged, then it can be a good idea to use a eyelash growth serum for a few months to give the lashes a better chance of recovery. I have an excellent one that I retail at my salon, so do ask me about that.

See below for more information:

Damaged Lashes

Sparse Lashes

Heavy Eyelash Extensions (below)
IMAG2154This lady had been wearing these very heavy eyelash extensions, from another eyelash salon for 4 weeks, not liking IMAG2157IMAG2161how they looked and they were feeling uncomfortable. I removed them for her, which took a little while, as there was so much glue.

The eyelash extensions that you can see on my hand are twice the thickness  of the thickest eyelash extensions  that I have available to use on a client. These are way too heavy for the natural lashes, weighing them down (as you can clearly see) and needing a lot of glue to keep them in place. There are clumps of glue right up to the lash line, which increases the possibility of irritation, or the lashes falling prematurely and leaves no room for the skin to breathe, or expand.

After removal, I applied a lighter, more natural-looking full set, suitable in weight for the natural lashes, which the client loved.