Sparse Lashes

When enquiring about my services, people commonly say that they hardly have any lashes, or that their lashes are sparse. They usually turn out to have a full and healthy lash line, but their lashes are finer, shorter, fairer and straighter than they would like them to be – meaning they are great candidates for Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions! Sparsity means that there are literally gaps in the lash line, where there are no visible lashes, or where there are actual bald spots. They may be just starting to grow back (so too short to lash), or not currently growing, either temporarily, or permanently.



Occasionally I see someone with genuinely very sparse lashes. With the newer super-fine diameter lashes, almost any lashes are extendable with Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, but sadly I am unable to extend lashes that do not exist.


Please ask me about Lash Growth Serum for damaged, or sparse lashes, as I retail a very good one.

True sparsity can occur for the following reasons:

      • Illness, like cancer where there has been chemotherapy, or strong medication, which can interrupt hair growth and cause loss of hair. It usually grows back, but not always.
      • Severe stress can cause hair, including eyelashes, or eyebrows to fall out. This can be temporary, or more permanent.
      • Traction Allopecia, where the eyelashes are pulled out, due to the stress placed on them by poorly applied extensions (stuck together), or too heavy eyelash extensions, like the thick cluster lashes. The more you use these type of lashes, the more likely this is to happen over a period of time. This can also happen with clients who have the habit of picking at the lashes, pulling/breaking off the eyelash extensions. Be careful of this, as you can inadvertently pull out your own lashes – really not advisable! If you need your eyelashes taken off for any reason, you need to book a professional removal.
      • Compulsive disorders like Trichotillomaniawhich is a condition where a person feels compelled to pull their hair out, including their eyelashes and eyebrows. In some cases, Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions can be helpful for encouraging people to maintain their lashes, although this can’t be guaranteed.



I have sourced these very fine and natural looking strip lashes (available at Boots). These may be a good option for someone whose lashes are too sparse for Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions.