greeneyesnov13Wondering why people fall in love with “Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions”?  Well you have either not yet seen high quality eyelash extensions, or maybe you have only seen cheap, spiky, clumpy, poorly applied lashes. You are probably thinking “surely they can’t be better than a good mascara?”  Well, I think they are heaps better than mascara, so here is what you will get when you come and see me in my salon:
  • I will create an individual look for you, by adjusting the length, curl and thickness of your lashes, that will re-define your lash line and the shape of your eyes. Take a look at my latest salon images to see some beautiful transformations.
  • You will have gorgeous eyelashes ALL of the time. So, when the bathroom is busy, or you are in a mad rush for the school run, no worries, as your eyes already look beautiful. Or, should there be a knock at the door before you’ve had a chance to “put your face on”,  it doesn’t matter, as you are already good to go! You won’t be able to stop admiring yourself in the mirror and looking at the beautiful, long lashes that are framing your eyes.
  • You won’t need to clean them off at night – instead, you will have an easy-peasy cleansing routine; just some gentle cleansing of your face, with oil-free cleanser and keeping your lash line clean with “lash poo” and the job is done.
  • Your Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions won’t run, they won’t smudge and they won’t flake You can go for a swim, have a shower, or a good old cry, without ever having to worry about looking like a panda.
  • But best of all, you will look so much better than when you wear mascara. You will get more length, more volume, more curl and more eye definition. Your eyes will look bigger and brighter…That is SO MUCH MORE than you can ever get, even from the best mascara! I am sure you have seen those mascara adverts showing beautifully thick and long lashes. Well, their well kept secret is that they often have a little help from “lash inserts”.

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    If you’re ready to chuck out that clumpy mascara and try something simply beautiful instead…you know who you can call! You can get in touch with me here.