asianeye3Will people be able to tell that I have eyelash extensions?

No, not if we go for a natural look, with shorter, lighter extensions, that are closer to your own eyelashes, or what is sometimes called a “mascara” look. In fact, my speciality is lightweight and natural-looking extensions.

I’ve seen adverts for some that are much cheaper than yours, taking only half an hour, aren’t these much the same thing?

These are likely to be “cluster lashes”, sometimes called “party lashes”, or “individual lashes”. These are small bunches of fairly thick lashes, attached to a bulb, stuck onto your roots, or even onto the skin of your eyelid. Like “Express Lashes”, they are only meant to be temporary (as they are stuck to several lashes at once) and they will need professional removal, after a week or so, or they will likely affect the growth of your natural lashes. With “cluster lashes” the lashes are stuck together, so when the longer ones are ready to fall away, the shorter lashes will get pulled out before their time, leading to gaps in the lash line. In contrast to this, with regular infills Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are designed to be worn continuously, as they are applied one by one, enabling each lash to grow at its own rate and reach the end of its cycle.

How long does it take to have the extensions applied?

Because each lash is individually applied, it can take 2 hours to have a Full Set, or 75 minutes to have a Mini Set. Infill appointments are usually 50 minutes, or you can book longer if needed.

Will they damage my lashes?

I take great care with lash weight and adhere each extension to an individual eyelash with precision, along the root of the hair shaft, so if you come to me, there is really no reason why your eyelashes should be damaged. BUT you MUST take care not to rub them, pull them, or fiddle with them, as you run the risk of prematurely pulling out your own lashes with the extensions! They will grow back of course, but fiddling leads to sparse lashes (not a good look). Read the Before/After Care page carefully.

Can I have my lashes tinted as well?

You can if you want to, but it is unnecessary, as I can see even fair lashes easily with my excellent lights and magnification. Do bear in mind that if you would like to have ongoing extensions, you would need to have the extensions removed before tinting again.

Are they uncomfortable to wear?

No! Carefully applied eyelash extensions “should be seen, but not felt”. I

Can I wear mascara?

Well you won’t really need to do that, as they will be looking so good! I would really recommend that you DO NOT wear mascara on your eyelash extensions, as it makes them messy, difficult to clean and they will not last as long and it increases the chance of lashes getting stuck together and falling out prematurely. However, you may want to apply mascara to your bottom lashes, so if you really must wear a little mascara, the best thing you can do is only apply a special water-based mascara, that is suitable for use on eyelash extensions. You must remove it carefully, using a gentle oil-free makeup remover. Bear in mind though, each time you remove make up from your eyes, as you rub at them, you may add to the chance of breaking the adhesive bond.

How long will they last?

Each eyelash extension is adhered to a single natural lash, so the longest they could last is until your natural lash comes to the end of it’s cycle and drops off. On average, a eyelash has a growth cycle of 10-12 weeks and Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are applied roughly mid-cycle. With careful Aftercare from yourself, they may last up to a month. As we lose some eyelashes every day, regular infills are necessary to keep them looking full. You can expect to return for infills every few weeks if you want to keep them looking as full as possible.

But some salons say they last for 3 months?

How long your Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions last depends mainly on two things, your natural lash cycle and how well you look after them. Both of those factors are down to you. Regardless of the quality of my work, or how many lashes I put on, if your lashes usually shed quickly, or if you have a lot of oil in your lashes and the skin around your eyes, or if you rub and pick at them, or do something to break the adhesive bond, you will likely only have them for up to a couple of weeks. However if you read the Aftercare page carefully and treat your lashes with respect, you could be looking at them for up to 4-5 weeks.

Is it uncomfortable to have them put on?

On the contrary, most people find it extremely relaxing and they fall asleep! A warm room, a comfortable table, well padded out with a cosy blanket (electric blanket in the winter!) and a selection of relaxing music usually ensures a very pleasant experience at Brighton Eyelash Salon.

Anything I should, or shouldn’t do afterwards?

Yes. Please pay careful attention to the Before/Aftercare page.

What if I want to have them removed, can I take them off?

NO, please don’t attempt to remove them yourself! Just book in for a short removal session and I can do that for you in a safe and professional way.

I have already had extensions put on that I am not happy with and I really like the look of yours, can you help?!

Yes, I can remove these safely for you and do a set that you will love. Lash Rehab is for people whose lashes need removing, or who need advice about how to manage lashes that have been damaged. Get in touch with me here. 🙂