Rave Reviews…

“I absolutely LOVE these lashes! I have had eyelash extensions many times but these were the best and most natural looking. She is a very talented lady. I have had many compliments so thank you. :)”
– Delara, Hove

“I have done the rounds of most of the eyelash places in Brighton (most were dreadful!) and now I am happily staying with Imelda, as she is without a doubt the best I have come across. She is very professional and has obviously done a lot of training. I have never seen eyelash extensions look this natural and I get comments all the time. I get very well looked after too and it is very relaxing to come for a treatment, as I get wrapped up in a fleece and get to lie on an electric blanket in the winter!”

– Natalie, Brighton
THANK YOU for my gorgeous eyelashes, I never thought they would look this good. They have boosted my confidence a lot. Given a gift voucher by a friend, I was hesitant to try them, but Imelda made me feel so relaxed, assuring me a more natural look would be possible. I will be back!”
– Elaine Brighton
“10/10, a peaceful environment and a relaxing experience. I am so happy with my eyelashes it looks like I have these amazing long lashes and am wearing mascara!”
– Ingrid, Brighton
“Imelda, thank you for my lashes. I absolutely love them! Amazing.
– Melissa, Brighton
“Absolutely wonderful! Very professional, 10/10. This is my second time getting it done and again she’s outdone herself! So natural and lightweight, and lasted for a very, very long time.”
– Heather, Brighton
“My lashes are 3, or 4 times fuller, but still look totally natural, which was exactly what I wanted, really beautiful thank you so much! xx”
Jane, Hove
“Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Imelda for making my life easier by not having to apply mascara any more.
As soon as l wake up l look at my lashes and feel good about myself. I am a regular customer. I always look forward to my next asianeye3appointment , Imelda is friendly and makes sure you’re comfortable and gives advice on how to maintain your lashes. I am glad Imelda was the first eyelash technician I called, her web page is very clear and truthful. Thank you!”
– Ann, Brighton
“I was so pleased with the result of my eyelashes! Having them done before a holiday away with my girlfriends, they, a number of people I met and strangers were extremely complimentary of them and I felt comfortable to be around the pool with no make up on! They made my eyes stand out so much more and I will definitely be returning to get them done again. Thank you so much for making my eyes gorgeous, and I will not hesitate to
recommend Imelda to my friends!”
                                                                  – Emmi, Brighton
The extensions look gorgeous and I have received loads of compliments on them.
Imelda made me feel really comfortable and relaxed before and throughout the process.
I will definitely be coming back more in the future and recommending Imelda to everyone!

                                                                  – Alice, Brighton


“Just to say a big “THANK YOU” for the lovely lashes! I’m ever so pleased. 🙂 xx”

                                                                   Valerie, Brighton

“I was really pleased with the result, they looked natural at the same time as giving me longer and and thicker eye lashes that made my eyes look brighter too. The lashes are so comfortable, I really don’t know they are there. By far the best experience I have had with these type of lashes, previously my eyes have felt uncomfortable but this time with Imelda, I totally forget that I have such beautiful lashes. I have been using the coating sealant too and after two weeks all my lashes remain firmly in place. They are really brilliant and I
thoroughly recommend Imelda for this.”

                                                                     – Kelly, Hove

“I had never had my lashes done before and wanted them for my 40th birthday party
and an upcoming hen weekend. I’m thsquaereyerilled that I did – I can’t recommend Imelda highly enough – she is friendly and professional and immediately put me at my ease, explaining
the procedure and then did a fantastic job of making my lashes look large, gorgeous and dazzling!! The time went by very quickly and I was delighted with the results. FANTASTIC!”
                                                                – Tania, Hove

“Very happy with my eyelashes, very pretty, thank you!”

– Karen, Brighton

“I had my eyelashes done with Imelda and I don’t really need to wear make-up now. My eyes look constantly made up and I look really wide eyed. They make my eyes look even bigger than they usually do which is fun! I now look just like my Disney Princess doll!

Maria, Brighton

                             “Gorgeous, I love them…thank you so much!”

                                                                     – Jane, Hove

                                            “LOVING the lashes…thank you so much!”

                                                                       – Adele, Hove

“Waking up in the morning and looking in the mirror is not such a shock,
as I’ve got eyelashes that even Bambie would envy! THANK YOU for
saving me from embarrassing mascara, runny, rainy days! ”

                                                                       – Hannah, Sussex

“I’m absolutely in love with the new look you gave to my eyes with
these fab lashes. Also very pleased with the quality of your work
and how long the lashes last – it’s a really good value and a treat!
Thank you so much!”

                                                                     – Patricia, Brighton