Lash Care Kit – £6.00

All you need for your eyelash extensions home care. It comes with a special foamer bottle, eyelash cleaning brush, a handy mascara wand in a case for your make up bag (seen below) and the ingredients you need to make your own “Lash Poo” (just add bottled water). No need to buy another one, just replenish the ingredients as needed. Essential home care, when you have ongoing eyelash extensions, to keep your lash line clean and healthy.


Blink Eyelash Extensions Eyeliner – £14

A strong eyeliner that doesn’t easily smear with sweat or tears. Especially made for Eyelash extensions. In rich black and it comes with a pencil sharpener.



Liquid Coating Eyeliner Black £14

A deep black eyeliner that doesn’t smear with sweat or tears. NEICHA Liquid Eyeliner is especially made for use with eyelash extensions.


kleenexshineOil Absorbing Sheets £1.50

These handy to use sheets are really helpful to use if you are prone to oily hair, or skin to absorb oil and sweat and to maintain a strong bond between the adhesive and your eyelash extensions. Remember oil is the arch enemy of Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions!


IMAG1982Mascara Wand in Plastic Case – £2.50

Keep your mascara wand clean and free of dust for your make up purse, or handbag, In a lightweight, hard plastic case.



redgiftGift Vouchers

Want an idea for Christmas Presents? Gift Vouchers available now at Brighton Eyelash Salon for a whole set, or for any amount of your choice.