What to look for in a Eyelash Technician:


Very badly applied cluster lashes – NOT my work!

    • correctly isolated lashes - Brighton Eyelash Salon

      Correctly isolated lashes – Brighton Eyelash Salon

      A safety-conscientious Eyelash Technician will care about the health of your lashes, ensuring that each natural lash is correctly isolated, before placing the eyelash extension; this means that each lash is able to move freely and grow at it’s own natural pace, rather than being stuck to the neighbouring lash, which can cause premature lash loss. (Click on images to enlarge).

    • An educated Eyelash Technician will know how to ensure that the weight of the chosen eyelash extension (in length and diameter) is safe for the natural lash being extended, as too much weight (over time) can lead to natural lash damage..
    • A competent Eyelash Technician is able to attach the eyelash extensions using the absolute minimum of glue, so that the application is clean and your lashes can grow freely.
    • A professionally confident Eyelash Technician will display pictures of their “own.work” on their site, so you can see their skill level and what you can reasonably expect to receive, if you book for a set of lashes. It is very misleading to look at “borrowed”.images, or stock marketing photos, if this does not accurately reflect the technician’s quality of work.
    • A careful and thorough Eyelash Technician will educate you about the necessary home care for your “Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions” and be willing and able to answer any queries, or concerns that you may have.
    • A dedicated Eyelash Technician will keep up with developments in the lash industry, in terms of new techniques, trends, products and materials and will add to their foundation of knowledge and skills, with professional support, or further training.
    • A creative Lash Artist will have an eye for artistic detail – meaning that your lashes will suit you, the shape and size of your eyes and brow, giving you a look that will enhance your natural beauty, rather than overwhelm your features and is also able to do correctional work to improve the shape of your lashes and your eyes.