Badly Damaged Eyelashes

1476146_662077383836712_1568308422_nThese huge cluster lashes are ugly and uncomfortable! They are way too thick, so they need a ton of glue to keep them in place. Inevitably as the lashes grow out, they will be stuck together, so they pull out the new growth with them (traction allopecia). The client can’t help but pick at them, as they are so uncomfortable; she may also be tempted to try and remove them herself. You can see here where someone has tried to remove them and a number of the natural lashes have come out in a clump.

I strongly recommend you NEVER attempt to remove lashes yourself. The only sensible and safe solution is a professional removal, which is usually a 20-30 minute procedure, at minimal cost, but with lashes as bad as these, sadly it can take hours.

Please ask me about growth serum for damaged, or sparse lashes, as I retail a very good one.